Out Of Sight, Not Out Of My Mind.


I glace out the window
Birds flying by,
Trees swaying in the wind,
I hear kids playing.
It's bright outside,
But in my heart it feels like night.
It's lonely here
And everything seems to fade.
But you.
Out of my sight,
Not out of my mind.
It's quite funny really.
your non-existing presences,
It tortures me so,
but you'll never know
what all I hold inside
This fake stone heart of mine.
It's hard to describe in words.
Therefore, I will show you in actions
Even if it takes forever
To make you understand.

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Adam아담's picture

innocence, ties, tiredness,

innocence, ties, tiredness, purity, patience, mysterious, deep, beautiful

- these are some of the words come to mind from this poem... would you agree?


Koriand'r's picture


Those were actually a lot of the things I was thinking about when I wrote this. So, yes, I would have to agree.