The angels will cry for me.


Your tears dont fall,
They crash around me.
They've dried up like a desert,
In the heat of the day,
But still I feel the pain.
Yet the rain will keep falling.
And promises will be coming
And then going like I always knew they would.
With your heart drifting away,
Like the sand with the waves
Crashing up on the shore.
Washing away a once loved memory
Sketched into the soft sand.
Your eyes like the stars.
Brightness fading when the sun rises
Barely above the horizon.
Half in the ocean,
Half in the sky.
Where it will never be mine.
For I cannot reach with my might alone.
So take me far away
On the wings of a far off wish.
Where I can sing
of a once soft sung lullaby
She spoke of in the night.
Just to know it exist.
But until then
The angels will cry for me,
For I have none left to give.

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Elfy's picture

i like this alot, iv been

i like this alot, iv been here a few times lol. But there is always hope, dont stop giving, cause one day, maybe you will get something back in return.
:) Keep writing. This one had a soft sense towards the ending, like a cloud and a angel on top. <3


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Enjoyed it , keep'em coming

Enjoyed it , keep'em coming ...

you laugh at me because I am differant, I laugh at you because You are all the same ...(KoRn) J.D......