Why I hate You So

Mom & "Dad"

I lived my life without my father
so why even bother?
sure it made me mad
but I can't remember a time where you made me glad
when I need you the most
you were never there
all you did was make me sad
and put us second to last
but i'm done with all this
it's now the past
I remember sitting in the rain
screaming your name as you drove away
you didn't care,
you had more important affairs
than taking care of your wife and children who needed you there
if you didn't want me
why did you have me?
instead of making me feel worthless
you said I wasent worth it
but look at me now dad
i'm all grown up
and i want nothing to do with you
I wish you would get out of my life
better yet, go get slew
cause i'm through with you!
even if you apologize it's meaningless to me
cause you cause me too much pain
now it's too late for you to change
you can't take back all the pain
you plastered into my brain
then you pick up a gun, put it to your head and say
all it takes is one small tap and i'll be gone forever
then you'll have to scrap me off the walls
and you'll never forget, no never!
why would you ever want to do that to your family?
for your youngest to watch you die
with her own eyes
by your hands at your own command
and watch them cry
you just make me sick sometimes
if i could i'd light your face on fire!
too bad i'd get arrested if i should
so plan B:
stay away from me!
and keep your comments to yourself
i don't need your input or help
all i want to do is ripp you from my heart
just like you left me out right from the start
i guess i wasen't good enough for you dad
you're making mommy and sissy feel bad
Hey dad, maybe that's why i hate you so much
cause you never made an attempt to care about us.

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