What I love about my personality

I love how i always have an open ear
for someone who needs to talk
and how i always have an open hand
even when i know my hands are full
i love how i'm open with just about anything at all
i love how i can fake a real smile when need
and lie coviencingly on command
also how careful i listen to detail
ecspecially the little things
cause that's what matter the most to me
i love how a single smile is enough to keep me going
and how forgiving i can be
i love how i can't hold grudges
and how i would just walk away
when others would stay and fight
i love how careful i am with people's feelings
cause people never cared about mine
i love how loyal and faithful i can be
and how i will get very protective over someone i love
and a little jealous at that too
and i love how i can go into my own little world
but thats when i just can't take it anymore
and i personally love tight hugs and kisses on the cheek
like i've said
it's the small things that matter to me
i love how caring and loving i can be
but don't take advantage of that just because im not being mean
i love how i feel that i have to make eye contact with someone
to really fully understand how someone feels
but most of all
i love that i can still find the little kid within me

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Love this poem. It's honest

Love this poem. It's honest which is important, i felt a strong connection with it. Keep posting and keep your voice in your poetry as you have in this poem; its too easy to serve other's that have written before you :)