1000 Fold


What i need you to know
is that i get attached easily
and i sometimes care a little too much

What i need you to understand
is that i'm ver fragile
and i get upset easily

What i need you to see
is how much I Love You
and how much i don't want to harm you

What i need to to find
is the person within me
and what i'm capable of doing and not

What i need you to feel
is empathy, not sympathy with me
and warmth when my touch is cold

What i need from you
is a friend when there isn't another
and a soft hug when i'm crying hard

what i need to hear
is not a song, but a single word from the heart
and the sound of you breathing when you're not near

what i need you to realize
is that i'm not perfect
and i do make mistakes

What i need you to do
is give me forgiveness, when you want to give me hate
and loving eyes that say you understand and care

What i need to do for you
is all of this
and 1000 fold.

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Beautiful,unique poem! Keep

Beautiful,unique poem! Keep writing these amazing poems(: