My Trigger

Mom & "Dad"

you've caused me too much pain
you've caused me to result in self destuction
i don't know myself right now
the demon is all i see, choking me
i don't want to lose myself in this again

i hope you're happy
you caused my tears i am now crying
they build up and drown me
my past scars, they haunt me
they remind me everyday of your stupidity
you make me want to run away
you make me want to give up on life
you come so to pulling the trigger

you put me one step closer to the edge
i'm hanging on by my finger tips
but you wouldn't know
cause i never let it show
i am nothing to you
that's all i'll ever be
i try to get away
but you drag me back in

you make me question my existance
you make me feel worthless
and i'm starting to believe it
can someone reach out to me
don't let me slip under
i don't want to take the plunder
save me before its too late

you come so close to pulling my trigger
you make me hate breathing...

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