Ever Lasting Love

I'll always be there, through thick and thin.

you call me, I will listen.

im not just your sister, I'm your friend.

i will not push you away.

youre growing up and getting older

know that I'm always here and I am never going anywhere.

you are in my heart and in my prayers.

i don't want to see you hurt or cry,

you're my sister and you mean so much.

youll meet new people and wonder about,

but I will be there to help you out,I promise.

you are beauTiful inside and out

and so much smarter than you give yourself credit for.

youve growN into such a beautiful young woman.

i believe in you and always know that I'll never stop loving you.

there will be times that I will feel You don't want me around,

but forever my Maddy Rich you will be.

when life is hard and seems so unfair,

depend on me I'll always be there.

and if there is a time that I cannot physically be there for you

always remember you are forever on my mind and in my heart.

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Great post

A beautiful well written piece of art.