A Multitude of Woes

Yes, there was a time

I was obsessed by melancholy,

I saw deep sadness,

The quality that so tormented

My former favoured idols,

Poets, painters,

Musicians, actors,

Creators of every kind,

As glamorous and romantic,

But it’s not,

It’s not remotely romantic,

When you yourself are adrift,

And weighed down by a multitude of woes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'A Multitude of Woes' was based on diary notes dating from the 19th of March 2014, with revisions being made the following November, and I have only sporadically identified with it since. It was sidelined possibly in early 2019, but I felt compelled to rewrite the entire piece, which is what I did on the 22cnd of March 2019. Image taken 21/3/19.

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