Such a Short Space of Time


I love, not just those

I knew back then,

But those

Who were young

Back then,

But who’ve since

Come to grief, who,

Having soared so high,

Found the

Consequent descent

Too dreadful to bear,

With my youth itself,

Which was only


No, even less time,

A mere moment ago,

How could

Such a short space

Of time

Cause such devastation? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Such a Short Space of Time' was based on some kind of confessional piece of writing I briefly worked on sometime in the mid 1990s, but which was never truly realised. It was partly inspired, as I remember it, by playing 10ccs 'How Dare You', among other vinyl records, on my parents’ stereo twin record and cassette player while they were away on vacation in France, and so hearing them for the first time in what at the time seemed like an eternity. Ca. Mid 1990s (Image).

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I have been reading poetry

I have been reading poetry since the spring of 1973.  Since that time, I have found few poets who speak to the rawest emotions, or rawest memories, in my soul:  Wallace Stevens is one, perhaps Eliot (at times); and now your poems.  Some of your poems that I have read are like mirror reflections of my own experience, some of which is difficult to dredge up.  But that is one of poetry's functions.  And this is why your own poetry is so great.


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I am thrilled... think that, truly. And you are right, my verse is very raw, and wrenched straight from the soul. Raw feeling is my chief inspiration; and I am so pleased it resonates with you. I like Eliot very much, but have not read Stevens, but will do. And you are right, that is one of poetry's functions, which is why more than any other art form it is so often linked to deep mental and emotional pain. I am very pleased you find comfort in these verses, as they are close to your own experience. Carl. 

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Downhill is a pretty fast ride

It is so short, isnt it. 

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Yes, it is...

..and you realise that towards the end like you neved did, and you wish you could do it all again only so much better...

Born London, residing London Metropolitan Area.