A normal life was never offered to me

Every choice kept tearing at the seams

There's always a price to pay

It's fucking worth it to take you away


I've passed through a dozen times

Not once was I able to find

What I've been searching for my entire life

Just another way to fucking die


I am a vessel of the soil

And as I wait to be reborn

I'm afraid I've become

The embodiment of scorn


This is my final breath

And I choose to curse you with it


My name is Velvet

I am hatred incarnate

I wont rest until I've killed you all

This is my final breath

And I choose to curse you with it

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No more curses. We can't take any more. It's too much. Let's get reborn without the hate incarnate. I stuffed the curse in my purse and burnt it.  ;P

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You don't wait to be reborn.

You don't wait to be reborn. That's powerless you choose it. As for cursing there's too much of it already, it's so non plus. But it was a very effective poem the anger seeping through each line the desperation and lack of hope or vileness. Great job with pushing hatred into our faces, hugss 

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