The Addict

I spend my days fueling my mind with ungodly poison

And the darkest hours of night

I cannot silence the voices

The taunting chime of the agonist

Seems like I'm losing my way

I can't see my hands or feel my face

Nor can I recall the places we used to sing

Even with this damned medication

I'm losing my shot at salvation


Look into my eyes

See how I'm deteriorating inside

Every day I lose a little more

And I can't break the fucking cycle


It's not like I'm trying to hide

How can you run from your own insanity

Nothing to lose

The only thing I cannot stand for

Is losing you

My love

My addiction

My gateway to hell

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I kind of set everyone up on

I kind of set everyone up on this one. Drugs aren't my addiction, though I made it seem so. I know we all have addictions in this day and age.

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Believe it or not

i was this poem a few years ago.

i get it.

has anyone asked,

Do you wanna get off that merry-go-to- hell?

or you like it?

your choice


sad...writing is good!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....