Nihilist Whispers (Necromancer)

The dead,

I wish they would call my name.

Blame me for their infectuous shame.

Slit my veins but the blood doesn't flow,

Receeds into my throat and I choke.


Plausible entropy,

Symphonic dilusions of a utopia

That defies the logistics of existence.

Neurotic comradery.

Systematic robbery of Nirvana.

Mistaken for an artery misplaced

By a fracture that would not heal with time.


I can feel the veil between the worlds shrinking.

The abyss once widespread is crumbling.

Maybe when the worlds collapse

I will be able to hold you again,

Like I did that day so long ago.

When our dreams were ruled by hopeful desires

Instead of hellish memories.

So long ago.

Why have I not let go

To this long and fucked up road

That has closed when your soul left this world?


If I try hard enough

Can I bring you back from the dead?

Or will I have to find a way to end this eternal life

To bring a smile to your restless face?

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lizardking's picture


artful vernacular. takes meditation to actually digest. there is some impenetrable darkness behind this block of words.

Carcass's picture

Thank you. Yeah it is pretty

Thank you. Yeah it is pretty dense I suppose, so sorry if you struggled with it.

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i meant it in a good way. i

i meant it in a good way. i got it immediately in one sense, but there can be multiple meanings and complexity in a simple phrase. your writing is great. this is just one of those poems you have to read a couple of times to grasp. namely the second stanza.

Carcass's picture

I appreciate it. Yeah I don't

I appreciate it. Yeah I don't often include punctuation in my poems, but I felt this one needed it to force the flow and direction. Does the title make sense to you or is it too out of place?

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i didn't take this poem as

i didn't take this poem as nihilistic, considering you are addressing a soul, and speaking about eternity. but i don't know what else you would call it, and i see where it fits somewhat with the topic of death

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I meant nihilistic whispers

I meant nihilistic whispers as in subtle hints leading towards it. Getting away from the norm of conventional blind religion.

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i get it now. it is not that

i get it now. it is not that the poem is written from the vantage of nihilism, but you are tempted by it. nihilism tempts me as well. it is a snake, whispring in your ear, ever persisting.. i still recommend dostoevsky. notes from underground. one of the first existentialist novellas. pls read it. it's my favorite book