Self-Destructive Serenade


Solemn lights cannot define

The darkness I see in your eyes.

Every thought, disaster ensues.

I want to meet the devil inside you.


Once an angel, now a burden in hell.

The mask you wear is growing thin.

Just a breath away to unveil

The bleeding scars under the skin.


A reflection of the monster within

Casting shadows to every corner of my mind

Seeking forgotten knowledge

To reclaim the solace

That was promised to me


I have to feed the demon building inside


It's the only way to survive

If I resist I'll stay broken

Torn apart by the path I've chosen

Breaking mirrors to hide from the beast

There's no escape from the leash around my neck

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I found a name to it.

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"Dont judge me by my past, i dont live there anymor