Breaking Point

Eyes refuse to open

Even after forcibly removing their lids.

I cannot make you see,

But I can blind you with acid.


On the table,

Broken and feeble.

Skin torn like the landscape.

Searing pain engraved on the face.

Body's a canvas,

Open access

To a world unkown by most.


Stop the lies,

I'll stop the knife

From digging further within.

Breathing damnation.


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AngryLaughter's picture

Messy autopsy.

Sounds like a lot of bleach is needed.

Maybe some Liquid Plumber

Did they drain the blood? 



Lady Literal

Carcass's picture


Too much blood to be drained unfortunately :p

AngryLaughter's picture

Oh butter.


Morningglory's picture

Some tried to forcibly open

Some tried to forcibly open my eyes with acid but they didnt realize that i could already see through my own lids. 

Enjoyed the darker read. Seems by your screen name you like to play there poetically.

Copyright © morningglory

Carcass's picture

If you enjoy the darker reads

If you enjoy the darker reads I would suggest something like Chasing the Rain. Thank you! The name actually comes from my last name and how its pronounced.  It just kind of stuck with me through the ages, but I do favor the darker side of things.

Morningglory's picture

Is "chasing the rain" one of

Is "chasing the rain" one of your poems? Or another poet?

Copyright © morningglory

Carcass's picture

Its my own song

Its my own song

Vampire_Kisses's picture

Another wonderous write

I enjoyed reading this. I like your style alot! Your talented.

"Do not run away, for your shadow follows, reminding you of the darkness in your heart."


Carcass's picture

Why thank you! Such a nice

Why thank you! Such a nice comment.