When i grow up i wanna be a penguin.

Hey when you were younger what did you want to be
Cos I bet/knew it wouldn't be the same as me
I had the wierdest of aspirations or dreams
Which means that this will reveal a piece of me
Something that everyone of you can see
So I wrote some poetry from the perspective of a younger me

When I grow up I want to be a penguin
But not like happy feet I won't sing
Ill have these paddle wings
And I will only fly when I swim

Ill always look dapper in black and white and dance through the endless night
Ill find me a nice lady who looks right
And though I'm grounded I'm flying like a kite

Penguins always look formal, dressed smart
been my favourite animal from the start
Cos on land they may always be last
But in the water they are cast in the role of a master..

When I grow up I wanna be a penguin, see me swim with a beakish grin

I'd have some manly sheen on my feathers and I'd remain warm despite the weather
And I'd be patient never reach the end of my tether
And no one would want to hurt me ever

And when my lady friend was baking bread
And dropped a bun, that's when I'd step
Up and take care of the little egg
I'd be the one to stick around with my shiny feathers I would surround the little egg and I would let loose wild sounds of joy because I had this feeling it would be a boy. And I would wait through the cold wind, but because this isn't happy feet I wouldn't sing.

And one day I'd find my lady friend when the endless summer ends and the night descends.
We would hold wings and watch the aroura cover the sky looking dapper us both in black and white and we wouldn't need to fly and we wouldn't reason why, we would just observe and learn and look reserved as penguins do.

See when I was younger I wished I was a penguin looking dapper in black and white, waited to find a lady penguin and dance all night. I didn't need to fly because I could swim and I would love my paddle wings and I would always stand ready with a beakish grin.

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