My Dad

This is to the man that built me up
To the man who told me I wasn’t doing enough
To the one who taught me that I need to be tough
This is to the man who loves books
To the one who gives me those angry looks
To the man who gave and took
This is for every time I disappointed you
For every time I gave you unneeded abuse
For every time I ignored all of your pain
For every time I looked after only myself
For every time I didn’t do what you told me…again
For every time I ignored the state of your health

This is for every dish of mine you washed
This is for every meal you cooked for me
This is for all the times I just watched
Instead of helping clear up my own mess
These words are for that man, the one who let me do my best

This man let me see my options clearly,
Like a telescope he made them seem right near me
He pushed me up to the stars and made me laugh

A little while ago I told my dad I wrote poetry
He thought I was taking the Mickey
I showed him some stuff and hoped it would be enough
But my dad said he wanted to come see me
He said he didn’t want to hear me be angsty
He wanted to hear some real poetry
Something happy

So this poem is to my dad, who let me stand on this burning deck of words
This is to my dad who kept me strong when my heart was all a quiver
This is to my dad who taught me how to cough up rhyme and verse
This is to my dad, for letting me drop all unnecessary things down the river

This is to my dad for making me who I am.
This is to my dad, this is to the greatest man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote to my dad for the slam a fortnight from now.

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Awesome stuff man.

Awesome stuff man.