Becky Townley (The Woman as sharp as a blade)

See here it is, another rushed composition
Another catalogue of someone life without enough information
See this one, its about becky townley
And frankly this woman absolutely astounds me
I always see her smiling and laughing
Even during bad times shes never crying
The woman is warm, like a fire in a hearth
And shes got strong roots like steel and earth
Shes that girl, she makes heads turn
And im guessing, makes young men yearn
Shes pretty yeah, with long red hair
A bit of a whore, I doubt she cares
Shes got a good band, and good friends
They would stick with her until worlds end
Shes open enough to talk to those she doesn’t know
And if she was shy then I can say it doesn’t show
Shes one of them, the people who are good to know
Best friend material as far as first impressions go
See I have only met her half a dozen times
And each one has been mainly full of smiles
And if im being honest its been a while
Since ive met a girl this strong,
Like I said I haven’t known her long
But she is the kinda girl that sticks, the kinda girl
That doesn’t flinch when it’s the ending of the world
The kinda person that will have your back cover you
Even though you barely know her, and shes had enough of you
Shes dated arseholes and come through harder
The closest thing I can compare her too is a katana
Its forged in fires so hot you couldn’t stand the heat
Its taken hours and weeks to create, just being beat
But its stronger than any other sword
Sharper than any other blade
It’s deceptively beautiful, that’s the way its made
A tool of destruction with a lethal grace
Unique and wonderful enough to amaze.
So that is how I see becky townley
A woman who if im honest astounds me
Shes strong enough to fight and drown me
But if im a friend I have no doubt she will support and surround me.,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written at becky's instigation. A woman i saw who after breaking up with her boyfriend got on with life. She is a very strong person.

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love it! Resilliancy at its

love it! Resilliancy at its finest hour is a blessing of power!

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Thankyou very much, i will be

Thankyou very much, i will be sure to pass your compliments along to the one this is based on. :) ta for the comment :)

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