See i dont want to be alone like this
i want someone i can hug, love and kiss
i want someone who is mine only mine
or as long as there was no betrayal that'd be fine
but relationships are out of my reach
beyond how high i can aim or fly
they are intangible and impossible
for me right now
but im trying, hard, so very hard
to keep positive
and im hoping above all hope
that ill find someone
but i guess everyone feels like that
thats what it is to be human.
we hope for the best and leap
eyes screwed shut into an abyss
we hope we are not betrayed
we show them where we keep our heart
and are suprised when they steal it
and when they leave us, our heart is missing
and it is always a shock
should have seen it coming
but we never do
i guess that is what it means to be human to.
So ill keep optimistic
for seeing someone to hug love and kiss
and maybe i will find them
sometime somehow
soon. Before i lose all hope.
and forget what i am looking for
before i end up bitter and twisted
before i die alone, eyes misted
with age, and rage and loneliness.
Before i become less than human
ill hope.

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this piece basically sums up everything it is that I write for. A lifelong pursuit to find that significant other.
The thing is that time is a fa sit of life in which we have no control. When the time comes, you will find her.
the fish in the sea are too plenty. Just keep your face in the sun, for you will never see the shadows. This is a wonderful piece
and you have the cheek to say you cant write in free verse. LoL


Ascesa e rialzarsi fino a quando gli agnelli diventano leoni

Rise and Rise again until Lambs become lions

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ill forgive the cheekiness

ill forgive the cheekiness because i like you mate. Ta for the comment its people reading them that make me write. Yeah i know about women, im currently trying to get to know one but im very out of practice. Im only 17 and its been at least 2 years since my last relationship :)

I'm sorry i wasn't who you thought i was. F**k it, i'm sorry i wasn't who i thought i was.
...I bought the heartbreak hotel on my own with no investors, closed it down and opened the F**k you, get over it bed and breakfast