The Reason

There's a reason the system is in place
There's a reason we have a ratrace
Before you distance yourself and give me space
Let me have 5 minutes to discuss
Why its wrong to look to those above us
As the source of all problems and curse and cuss
They aren't the problems and blaming them aint right
Its our fault we see everything in black and white
We are the first to lash out and strike
For nothing
We can't help ourselves we tear up this world
We blame it all on the faceless, say the man gets you down
Say that round me ill shake my head and frown
And speak out loud to drive out the sound
Of you pub experts and bar room professors
Ill confess that I have believed I was right when I wasn't
but I must profess the ignorance of youth, you got no excuse
Still trotting out your dads ideas when he's been dead these ten years
and instead of crying pure tears its a conspiracy theory
or something equally dreary
There's a reason the system is in place
a reason for the ratrace
that reason is you, although not you directly
its more you as a whole, or society
or rather the majority of society
See people care more about safety than a rearange of government
they don't want to be affected by change
and you might think its strange
But people are scared or the unknown,
and then there's the system glinting shiny and familiar
like a lost pen or an old friend
and that is how we end on implementeing the system again.
Its in place because a man like you with a different face
is content to live his life in one place all of his life
with his kids and his wife
and anarchy would upset his daily strife,
mess up his routine change his daily scene
from somewhere relatively safe and clean
to somewhere unfamiliar and becuase of that its obscene
to even think or dream of a revolution,
despite the fact that it might be a step on the road to absolution
I'm not arguing that it may in fact be the solution
I'm just saying that people won't all join in or jump on
regardless of the situation or how worthy the cause or idea
whether or not you want to make them free-er
is academical people don't look at the long run,
and its mathematical and logical that in the short run
there will be disruption in this hypothetical situation.
Much better not to bother no matter
how hypocritical it makes me becuase I suggested that we do this
but I never expected to be taken seriously
why do they keep looking to me I just want to be left to be
and go to work and have every day be ordinary
that's the silent litany of the man with a plan
for a revolution that can be but won't.
So get your coat because this is the closing stages
of why this is outragous and I'm going to town
on why you shouldn't say the man gets me down.
I don't even need a reason
but the main point is that you make the faces faceless
and the man becomes useless
and your treatment of the man is merciless
when the man could be your sister I must confess
that I'm impressed you have the knowledge but I digress
you call them they and refer to the third person
so I don't need a reason but doing that hurts them
they are sons and daughters just grist for the mill
so you can do what you say and what you will
and you can have a mind and your own space for thoughts
But remember there's a reason the system is in place
and a reason for the ratrace.
Before you decide to make them free think about who they might be
and then maybe you will finally see that all they really want is to be left alone.
Now this piece is finally done and I'm gone. Peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i structured it sort of. inspired by kate tempests poem cannibal kids i heartily recommend you check it out. This was all wrote on a blackberry on a bus in half an hour so excuse spelling mistakes and point them out to me. laters Right this is the link to my inspiration kate tempest she is amazing

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Well done.

Well done.

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Thanks very much for that

Thanks very much for that mate, its very kind of you.

I'm sorry i wasn't who you thought i was. F**k it, i'm sorry i wasn't who i thought i was.
...I bought the heartbreak hotel on my own with no investors, closed it down and opened the F**k you, get over it bed and breakfast