The Lady

She sits there, her dress and eyes are unsurpassable green

The key to unlock mans wildest dreams

Then she smiles at a joke that we don’t know

Encouraging us to gamble, to give the dice another throw

Resides in every close encounter

Every lucky charm, mysterious powder

Her abode is every smoky room

Shrouded in tobacco fug anticipation and gloom

You couldn’t kill her, because she doesn’t exist

Yet she lives and thrives for every bluff and twist

We shout and we cry “ we don’t give a F**k”

But we all ask a favour from Lady Luck

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heatherburns35's picture

the lady

We all neeed a little of lady luck...I like the way you handled the subject...
Especially with the four letter workd nice job...   heather

CaptainShambles's picture

Thankyou very much, you are

Thankyou very much, you are very kind.

I'm sorry i wasn't who you thought i was. F**k it, i'm sorry i wasn't who i thought i was.
...I bought the heartbreak hotel on my own with no investors, closed it down and opened the F**k you, get over it bed and breakfast