Deaths toll

Why should i try any more when it always ends in heartbreak.

Why should i try any more when it always seems to be me that gets hurt.

Why should i fight it when death breathe its cold sigh across my neck.

People say you arnt worth it, i say no.

I should try even though it ends in heartbreak.

I should try even though i get hurt.

I should fight even though death has its grasp on me.

You are worth it and always will be.

Light shines upon you, darkness upon me.

Angels sing to you, the death toll to me.

The grim reaper stands with me and watches as angels carry you away.

My time has come as the reaper walks me away.

But no.

The sound of the drums ring through my ears.

The call to war bringing me closer to you.

War to fight for you or die trying

I find you, but I find you at peace.

Your happy now and my heart at rest.

My time is now and i can rest in knowledge you are happy.

Death has caught up and dragging me away, but I do not run.

I will not fight and i will not die.

My soul is forever yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"This is my first real attempt at an emotional poem, since the person I love left me a few weeks ago, Please post a comment saying what is good or what should be changed or just how you feel about this, thank you"

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