Groomed By The World

Groomed by the world
No hope for retrieval
Wounded by guilt
rooted in evil

Its like looking for the haystack
inside the needle
the world’s ass backwards
and justice is illegal

Murder is permissible
and acting despicable
is commendable
as long as your mascots an eagle

the up rise of have nots
hasn’t gotten lethal
cause we think we’re standing up
but were still in the fetal

position and crawling
to see that even Christians have fallen
is appalling
we donate our organs
it’s the least we can do
it makes us feel important
but little do we know our lifespan has shortened

but I hold back my tongue
lest I be judge
I cant be responsible
for what the rest of me does

My destiny was
the recipe for this evil entity’s lust
eventually we’ll be entering trust

but for now
I got one foot in and one foot out
feeling like I should shout
but crying for help is for weaklings
besides I got a good mouth
and the drive to scout
and pave a new route

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LovingLovelace's picture

"It's like looking for the

"It's like looking for the haystack inside of the needle."

For some odd reason that agrees with me. I feel that it is a way I would describe life.

I really like this poem. It is amazing. Keep writing.

May your quill be sharp and your ink never run dry.

Watching The Living

If your mirror doesn't find you one of the most beautiful people it has ever seen, punch it and find a better mirror.

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Watching The Living

Thanks I really appreciate you taking your time to read it and commenting as well. I'm new to this site so I haven't taken the time quite yet to read everyone else's poem just yet but I will definitely start sooner than later. Thanks again.