Just a Buncha Dead Kids

Turned on the TV

Saw a bunch of dead kids

But it’s America baby

—it is what it is


We could find that source of violence

But with the politics involved

It just ends in silence

—it is what it is


We could do more to unfurl 

The black facts wrapped 

Around the dark pacts 

They make in this world


We could unravel the mystery 

By examining the history 

And yeah, soon we’d see 

It at all starts at youth 

It’s the bullshit truth


Kids molested

Hit with abuse



And you wonder what they do?


Ban the guns

—They’ll just use knives

Close the schools

—They’ll find another spot to die

Blame the Pres

—He’s just gonna lie

Thoughts and prayers

—go on, waste your fucking time


It starts with understanding why

—Shut your mouth and use your eyes


It starts with listening to the cries

-Before the anger

Before they die

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