now thats what i call dying

hallways and no doors lit by a lightless beam, leading you through caressing corridors and 7 minute walks. absent doors slam with emotion and missing bulbs strobe with pulses of hope that there may be something to hold onto. as the walkway slants down to the clouds, you imagine what this walk holds for you in 6 more minutes. counting down you see the strobes lessening, the slams softening and begin to relax. at 5 minutes youve reached euphoria. nothing can take you from this. outside of your body the clock counts down, inside it has no existence. still not wanting to face your last 4 minutes you close your eyes. in split seconds your entire life passes before you, reminding you everything has a meaning. 3 more minutes you say. but no ones listening, you shouldve known that. forgotten memories resurface, showing their mangled features. tightening your eyes the angelic dust forms a 2, keeping your mind on the task at hand. now standing completely paralyzed, you ask "why couldnt i have changed this?". you see the hallway is gone and you realize your descent. 1 more minute. trying to brace yourself for the coming. counting down you assign the most cherished memories to every second. every second holding a sacred moment youll now never forget.

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