all the above

swirls of cords in total connections, releasing their vitals in every direction

totalling idles to relieve all the chance, when setting the people in totals of trance

watching in delight the swirls of green, delivering their radiation in a mathematical mean

inversely proportional to papa's surrection, selecting the name for their title connection

will you hold my hand again tommy?, i need you to listen carefully to mommy

the idols are eating your hearts alive, come take your chances with me to survive

i'll release your soul from its captive state, with new feelings that grow desire - such a powerful state

insurrection so painful that wants you to die, better laugh at the devil - don't surrender your eyes

forgive the foolish in thought to take a new stand, play this song in your heart while holding my hands

i'll give you a new total to power your band, of hope and desire once lost in the sand

promise to never give up and always stay strong, burning with fire while singing along


releasing your title as they fall by his sword

forget now the information you horde

total the vectors by forgetting your name

show me the sceptors and we'll play a new game

spinning on their axis to create your surrection

hope for beauty and love they desire your connection

release now results into your beautiful heart

as it delivers the titles for a whole new start

we surrender our names in the fire of love

as we dance in the stars now burning above

cast your fear on the water to still whats inside

read it carefully with your heart and always abide

all you need is to feel love, desire is what powers all the above

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Ah, yes, nice to read your

Ah, yes, nice to read your work again Burke! :)

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