within her eyes

within a special place contained in her starry eyes, a lock which when opened has a surprise

for this lock's purpose lay inside, once opened to reveal the place where her soul resides

in vain many have tried, with deception and cunning to break into her eyes

tampering and hammering with it to start, then eventually trying to break it apart

many difficult years have caused her to grow cold, leaving desperation gripping with its terrible hold

of her spirit which desperately yearns to be free, desiring and hopeful for the whole world to see

when suddenly receiving she upon her golden heart that knock, from the only one possessing the key to that lock

which upon reception affirmed within her heart's desire, that knowing this was the time for which she was inspired

with words of affirmation causing her to face to glow, for that one bearing the key surely did know

her soul's worth was not determined by anything less, than the mixure of their two hearts undressed

for this man truly desired to append, his own soul was the key upon which that lock did depend

when joined together there was a brilliant light, which shone brightly its powers within the deep of the night

as the two became one there was patient surrender, for the unyeilding power of his love which always defends her

from any who would try to seperate their love, for that permanent fixture which was joined from above

this love was designed so carefully by that source, who could only join every band of their soul with his force

which by man or by woman cannot be wielded, but only handled by the creator who purposefully shielded

the total of this unconditional love, which in his perfection he counted above

then by calling the new name which told them as one, he spoke into existance their union with his tongue

so special it represents the total of their spirits, joining the two together as defined in a his lyric

i will love, i will give, i will share, i will say, i will do, i will hold,  i will defend, forever and always - with a hope that never ends

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your comments give me smiles

your comments give me smiles ty--- love -- jb

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Good. I'm all for spreading

Good. I'm all for spreading smiles... :)

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