her elegance held in esteem for this time, feeling wanted in this moment of time

my heart captured by words spoken from your loving hands, ever flowing and potent with power they stand

your gently flowing form and your beautiful hair, waving backward and forward and my heart deeply cares

amidst the brambles, shrubs, and wavering vines, there lost within eden not caring for time

following closely your beauty in the water, radiant skin glowing beneath the straps of your halter

kissing shoulders while walking at a gentle pace, lips needing to feel me suddenly pressed to my face

gentle whispers and sensual conversation, now searching with gentle caressing sensations

with a breath you sighed gently and lifted your dress, dropping it off near the shores as you were looking your best

in your bikini and calling for a playful chase, as your laughter thereafter brout a smile to his face

your radiance glowing like light from the sun, when in an intense moment of excitement you exclaimed "this is fun!"

you ran and dried off with a towel and a hum,  while his heart sat admiring your beauty - "i knew you're the one"

hair smelling like flowers ever so sweet, how you excited his senses with that kiss on the cheek

there quickly caught in a moment of passion, your body and his needing so badly to feel satisfaction 

you called to him gently with your lovely voice, and without hesitation our hearts sought the fate of that choice

moving quickly past all that could stand between us, your gentle hands moved very quickly, fulfilling his trust

drawing closely to one another in a moment  delivered, as she gently let out a sigh and then subtly quivered

their two hearts became one for they felt the same, at the height of their pleasure while together they came

in a beautiful moment in which he was moved for her deeply, and that something they shared together completely

looking deeply in her eyes he fell madly in love, for they had waited so long in this time to be a part of

their climax together and holding each other, with eyes gazing firmly upon one another

speaking to her in a soft voice he said, "just you and me now" kissing her chest "to be wed"


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Sounds like it was written by

Sounds like it was written by a virgin.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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close. --- love -- jb

close. --- love -- jb

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Lovely, Burke :)

Lovely, Burke :)

Copyright © morningglory

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thank you, i tried to capture

thank you, i tried to capture something pretty --- love -- jb