senses filled with excitement, feelings of doubt leading to an internal battle of suppression

suddenly lost in waves of ecstacy, elegant patterns and curves with colors seduce my every thought

waveforms from your spirit call to me from afar, resonating with my senses to let me know your presence is near

as the wonder of how that undeniable calling came from the void builds, my vision fills with the sights of a distant meadow and rolling hills

suddenly tuned to your thoughtful caress, which draws excitement out of my aching spirit and leaves a desire to gaze

upon your lovely eyes................


words cannot describe the pleasure you bring my heart, for your hands, so much softer than pillows, leave me wanting

caught within an exciting pace that brings my pulse racing, seeing the rolling meadows in pastel colors across the horizon

your spirit calls to me with subtle glances and sensual gestures, bringing a warm sensation over my senses now aglow with desire

you permeate my senses with your subtle touch as i surrender to the growing feeling within my heart of complete acceptance

you have a distinctive glow in your eyes, and the beating of my heart slows momentarily

completely enraptured by you and the priceless jewel that you are, drawing upon my attention with the radiance of your heart

your song has a warm and reassuring melody, subtly clothing my thoughts while caressing my lips with yours

the lines upon your shoulders are both elegant and flowing, they reveal the waves of passion held closely beneath your surface

our senses now adjoined and flowing with intensity, filling the empty places within beyond their capacity

suddenly the diamonds within your eyes glow brilliantly as your skin is set aglow with pleasure from within

shimmering beads upon the surface of your skin reveal the height of your pleasure as the passion subsides.


considering your elegance builds excitement within, growing in intensity with each passing moment we hold each other

casting light upon the shadows and hurt within, gently bringing a spirit of vibrance beneath the afterglow of the evening sky

fulfilling every hope within my heart, your soft calling and wanting to make the experience so beautiful and reassuring leads me forward

your sensual waves glow with vibrance like the evening light, our meadow now in bloom with an assortment of lovely flowers beneath the monet skies

assuming a most pleasing form and experience we now shared, for the treasures within your heart called the passion within me alive and brought subtle comfort

the fire within my eyes burns for you, sweet love that you are



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i framed this as a response

i framed this as a response to Did you??? --- you are an exceptional writer, thank you --- love -- jb

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That's awesome! Glad to have

That's awesome! Glad to have inspired you. love where your minds went with it.

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