this one time

the arches of the mind, in real time stir feelings within the essence of our experiences

many thoughtful words caress our pen in a stirring fit of motion;

spilling out the emotions of love onto digital papyrus.


the pleasant aroma of your hand leaves me desiring more,

tasting sweet serendipitous avenues of serenity upon my pallette.


admiring your gait as you walk through the park, with your head held high;

dancing to and from the summer sky - blue, my love... blue calls to you.


indigo skies and suprises always cure my blue cravings;

green is a dazzling someone who builds castles out of diamonds, she likes the way they sparkle.


she walks with poise like a princess in her gown;

headed for her dashing prince in the center of the ballroom.


imagine me walking with books on my head; now you could hardly believe that.

that clumsy, akward beast is always falling down because the balance isn't favorable.

perhaps the toes need more encouragement, or maybe the hands are too gentle.


they will never quite understand what makes this little thing tick, see this button right here?

maybe you haven't operated this before, you should really try this - it is quite entertaining!

perhaps a little spicy for your taste,  don't mention it.

love you~~






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I was really enjoying this

I was really enjoying this and then at the end you got a real chuckle out of me. Thanks! I do so love to giggle. :)

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