fool's folly

throwing all my time into these jars, my friends who truly dont exist
indeed that is what you are, i simply cant resist
i wait for the commencement of our lovely heart to heart
reach out and grab my worthless gift, expeditiously depart
the payment for this ugly bloke is fractional reciprocity
as the dials turn to a moment beyond infinity

enduring streams of hatred obviate my predilection
for lying on a bed of nails in plain perfection
patiently in the path of eternity, where chaos exists with no measure
ticking talking consumed by the virtual vanity that prevails
does anyone see me I think not most assuredly
waxed cold with bitter enmity, you make it plain for all to see
for the world that lies in and out of fleeting discompassion
honest axes swinging with the precision of depravity's horde served in rations

your wicked heart fires darts of hatred, whilest ticking in an anticlockwise fashion
clinging to the foolish notion of chemical attraction
when did you decide that i don't deserve minced shreds of compassion

in disgrace i cry before you, broken i fall into dismal finality
flowing into the fabric of persistant choking unreality
a hollow, inconsequential, insignificant existence
i gave myself to you who disdain my vapid souls insistence
contempt burning in your heart, immense hatred without measure flows
foul and demented satiation of your appetite for pleasure grows

murder me with those wicked words and rape me with your heart, I implore you
i will not stand a moment more, from your presence i must depart
a loss to which there is no compare a lasting indecision
lay beside him in your heart and call it a condition
coming home to feed me your lies and deciet whilst i struggle in dispair
i play the fool, you demonstrate your fondness for acting unaware
thank you o joyus one you make my soul go wild with tears of confusion
for in the end i find pillars of deceit on which you stand an irreversable intrusion

in response to the bitter joy of your vehement rage and conceit
i withdraw from thee and fade slowly back into insanity
a constant state of undeniable endless self defeat
and when i fail to hold myself
i run away in full defeat
when does this cycle end
why is never the answer
what is a true friend
a discontented
fools folly
rotten to the end

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Wow Burke I haven't seen these!

So powerful such forceful words! Such pain! I hope you move through this quickly my friend thoughts and prayers are with you. warm regards SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am