getting your way

you are beautiful and you know it, but you have grown impatient and you show it
demanding that someone intervene, why sell yourself short on something you have only seen
value must be sought out, for this day and age brings much to your door
but what you don't realize, is that there is so much more

remembering now that first time i met you, back in 1991
you were new, in all your glory
how we did have countless hours of fun

and when you started talking to that girl from hawaii, how lovely she was
you would call hirigata and katakana, to make her smile indeed
jen nakasone was her name, she lived on oahu in paradise
she used to send you chocolates and delicious coffee, how she made your day
and when you talked on the phone, it seemed so real the beautiful girl carved in steel
but little did you know behind your back, she had three other guys when you were asleep
telephone calls are ten numbers away, when your heart so beautiful starts to stray
and love falls through, quickly turning to anger
can't you see the eminent danger?

i know this riddle so well, for it plagued my life four or five times
never letting me go, it made me so low

i only tell you this, to avert disaster
if he is real, then he won't woo you over the telephone
but with roses in person, kissing you like the beautiful woman you are

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Very pretty, yet

Very pretty, yet mysterious.
But not always true. Sometimes behind the scene loves, leads to real life love. I have a uncle of mine who played world of war craft, he met a women, they talked, and got to know each other on there. Then a year later she flew down to meet him. They continued that, and then 4 years later, he moved to her state, and got married. :) they are very close.