fair maiden

you are perfect, look at that smile and long dark hair

they stand in line to see you, without a doubt to know you more

your soul is something beautiful, to be treasured by those who hear

for those who pass by are missing something so beautiful

your hair is black like the night, highlighting your starry eyes

a smile like the moonlight, ignighting your lovely disposition

you work day and night delighting us with your beauty, magnificent like no other

the zombies have all gone to sleep, your cause is most permanent a nightly release

dry your tears sweet angel for this night is yours, never falling prey to those who would hurt something so infinitely valuable

the forest is a dark place calling upon shadows of strength, but your bright complexion lights them for you are the ivory castle

never failing in your ability, to mesmerise those who gaze upon you

the right man will come, when a deserving man is available

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Awwwww so sweet! It's

Awwwww so sweet! It's beautifull. Love it.