to the love i may find

the pain and the suffering wrapped my face, my heart wrenched in its cage
like a bird trapped within some foreign land, the gate was closed upon my face
and i yearned desperately searching for answers, death was calling upon my name
the enemy had beaten me down, and laughed in my face
broken like a pot, or some ugly vase
shattered was my soul, compressed with hate
for this man who i didn't even know, he shouted upon his hill taking command
my household was lost, my livelihood taken and thrown in the wash
living on the streets never found me with sleep, my heart searched so desperately
banks never forgive when you stop paying your mortgage, your life and memories they call you to forfeit
and as i lay here, thinking about you
never did i realize how much i loved you, for you were my everything
calling me to something complete, but never one whole piece
how my heart doth burn in loneliness, calling for another love
but never will i find anything, aside from that which is above
i give up, but then you remind me that is never an option
when will this end, my soul is blackened
and i weep desperately for change, as the tears stream down my face
rabbits have called upon a memory, that brings so much pain
and as i choke upon my own break, nothing ever feels the same
coming in waves of sadness, filling my every thought
tears beading upon my eyelashes, my heart says forgive me not
but i must

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I love this I get this like

I love this I get this like this is how life is and this is what the heart wants kind of feeling to it