the hurt teenager, who was just dumped i never had the chance they didn't talk to me because i was different
a lonely man, looking for love and surely it only comes from above
someone hilarious, fighting with awesome words rhymes with radical and reminds me of my brother
the cutter, mind in the gutter for i've been there chopping at my flesh --- it feels great until you are done

set those boundaries, lay the brick quick
figure exactly when to quit

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I feel you. Your pain,

I feel you. Your pain, sadness, anger, strength, memory's, uniqueness. It all reminds me of my me and my own expierences. I may be a lot younger then you lol, but iv been there too. Thank you for writing this, it was personal, but something not everyone is brave enough to say or express aloud. Very good. :)


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thank you

your comments are worth their weight in gold, not many are brave enough to talk to the enemy--- i am just a broken soul, with more moving parts than most

keep up the good work, you are an inspiration

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Lol thank you. Sweet words as

Lol thank you. Sweet words as always hon. :) makes my day to hear such nice things. Well make that two broken souls. Cause I have one as well. Like I said, your not alone.

Same to you, as are you.