Thoughts of sleep

my weary body has traveled the earth looking, in the search for a sign of love
tired and weary like a traveler who has roamed about the great plains of the north, casting shadows of doubt on the walls
the grassy words of your plane blow with a gentle breeze, words that seem to soothe all who read them putting them to sleep
the early year will spring forth from the clutches of the biting cold of winter's might, new thoughts shall be spread through the land of the night
and the horses run to the gate and enter the safety of their corral, they blow puffs of warm air onto the land which fall softly to the floor
the workers of the field come home from a laboring day, their hands worn from the large equipment and tools to which they are accustomed,
fortunes of favor line your golden tips calling forth a new vigor and magnificence, sewing crops which are harvested much later in the year
and as the sunlight dims a single ray dances upon the cool air, moving with vibrations unseen and calling upon the energy of the universe
stars dot the sky as the ray disappears into the darkness, now lit by the moon shining in all of its wondrous light haloed splendor
the milky way appears as a beautiful adornment and the stars that line it shine with brightness of the ages, calling upon old strength

we lay there, together by the fire in the night holding each other closely as a cool breeze crosses your face you hold me tighter for warmth
this brings my heart to a rapid pace, spreading the warm blood to my extremities and making my face blush, you gaze upon me
and with a soft giggle you read into my heart, knowing my every thought and considering the beauty of the day's walk
for we had talked about much that day, we laughed at the stories of our childhood considering those favorable moments of gold
yet we cried for the pain we both experienced, feeling deep empathy for one another as our connection was sealed and bonded
standing together now as one being our thoughts were also as one, and this caused a great joy to flow throughout my soul

my lady in the mirror, you are the soul that i have been searching for all of these times calling the depths of my heart to the surface
and as your eyes gaze across the pages of the book that is me, i cannot help but wonder why you feel the need to be a part of me
for i am damaged stock, turned forth from a mill that does not take care in shaping and molding the lumber to strict specification
mine is more like a broken pottery form which has been glued back together with a strong cement, and thrown into the kiln
the ceramics that sprout forth from this mold bare the signs of brokenness, in all of its various pits and scars of time
but how beautiful the scars truly are, for the add a certain element of uniqueness to the whole of the ceramic piece
and as i lay upon that top shelf, collecting dust you bring me down and clean me for you see the beauty of my surprise
compelling me to do more with myself, trimming back my hair and shaving my face free from the signs of neglect
trying desperately to look as favorable to you as i possibly can, you are certainly worth my time and efforts

a smile crosses your face as you consider the thoughts of my heart, and as we lay by the fire you hold me tighter
not because the wind was blowing, but because you see me

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Wow! This exceptional! The

Wow! This exceptional! The soul mirror... Perhaps souls are perfect and bodies and lives are not and that's why they crave them? Interesting idea hmmmmnnnn... Magnificent as always though very powerful! Cheers SS :)

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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