consciously positive is the persistent call of your languor, lavishing gifts of a delicate nature
never failing to intersect my heart, energized by your touch

they say the heart grows fonder, begging to wonder if such an angelic being doth have wings,
the weary eyes of a broken heart desire much
every night the crickets outside my window call with an undying fervor to which I am accustomed, never ceasing in their cause
a glamorous touch of your glittering smile is enough to ignite the passion of my soul in such a manor,
for the wrists of an angel born afar, calling out for the strength that always abides

i surrender to the beauty of your splendor, which glows with grandeur not common in nature
for the night doth hearken to the call of an instinctual desire for a secluded moonlight escapade, with a kiss that never fades
releasing a reaction of awe in respect to your magnificent beauty, enchanting my heart to its call

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