frenetic aesthetic

hearts racing to the chorus of a thousand voices laiden with the weight of eternity's convictions
laughing plows of deceiving dissidence on the whelms of fear capture the wight of plight's complexity, silence
tear me in a moment of virulence but taste me in a spell of superabundant serenity, writing soliloquies of surrender unabridged

extradition a recompense, for the heart's harmonies travelling on the prow of doubt submerged beneath the lipping waves

for you are a lovely fawn, planting seeds of sweet serenity in my heart

your beauty a marriage of the splendor of your eyes and the golden walls of your form

casting aside superfluous conjecture and diversions into profane salaciousness, you shine with the light of sirius

your convection drives in me a spirit of newness, completed by your faceted grandeur lightened by your sweet lips

fracturing the ice of enceladus, revealing a molten core of devotion to your elegant ways

willingly trapped to the forces of your gravity, for thy embrace is the purpose to which i am called

never failing in your ability to quiet the silent spaces in my still existence

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