carry inward a reflection of bittersweet hopes of yesteryear's time, brush strokes now faded into fragmented sunbursts glowing bright for a moment of intensity,

then fading into a stillness, and you can measure the utter emptiness in my heart's shell now thrown aside in confusion

professing to know, they were blinded by their own passions

help me now to pick up the pieces of my self and cast them back into the lapping waves of eternity

i call none master, for the sword in the pen is sworn to defend the very air i breathe

only clouded with the impurity of the air of my own err, approach me not in vanity but truth --- who and what are you fighting for, do you know

freewill is mine to be had, and try as you may --- it is impervious to your weak stabbing

jealousy breeds hate, and hate breeds the foul lips that spew fourth the putrid drabber of your constantly combative ways

loving and hurting when i feel as such, something you can never touch

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Heck yeah this is my kinda

Heck yeah this is my kinda poem! Very empowering to read! Yes free will. That's the truth of it right there an no one can take your will away. Ever. This was a fantastic read! Thank you so much again or such powerful and liberating words beautifully written as always!!! I'm loving this style of yours at the moment! Wow!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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