2 times

two loves
two lay in destruction

loneliness ensues
pardon my heart, it will die soon

all that time gone
spirit remains

all is lost

a wise old man
gave me a song
he said lose yourself, to find your own
and when you fall, into the fog
find yourself, a list of wrongs
and bleed the nails
song of songs
it started with you, bleeding my heart
for you are consecrated for all of your wrongs
and in the end, of our song
the memories remain, but all is gone


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this, played guitar --- my friend marcy sang check the link to hear

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thought i

would share this, i never finished it.... such is life

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for me, i was held to a wall with a list of everything i had done wrong, past present and future ---- the sad thing is... this is what kills love --- that ever growing list of wrongs by which you are consecrated (set apart) --- bleeding the nails on the cross in vain to prove someone wrong.... with the bible says, you are a terrible man because (a), (b), and (c)....

true love is unconditional... holds no list of wrongs --- does not keep pinning you to the cross for mistakes that have already been forgiven...

life is too short to be held to an unreasonable --- hypocritical standard, usually the accuser is the one who is doing something wrong...

in my case, my wife was committing adultery, all the while under the guise of my 'wrongdoing' like not being romantic enough, or --- not buying the right present, or not making enough money.... to hell with all that ideology - it's a sham