modus operandi

the fear isn't real, but i cannot convince myself
rejection has me wounded, but there lies wealth
my love has never been found, for they dare not try
the friendships i have are all that keep me going by and by
companions are scarce, for i only have one - to whom i only write
my heart is heavy with sorrow, even though i try to fight
falling in truth of self-doubt and loneliness i lay still yet in dismal despair
happiness is just around the corner, but i cannot seem to find one who doth care
her name is unknown, where can she be -- for others i've tried but all they do is reject
me, all i seek is respect -- but this is something that most don't understand for they seek
obsession, passion, all the above --- with the exception of this freak
passion is something of which i'm well aware, but i cannot seem to take you there

abandoned, left for dead
tormented by you, to your delight
i cannot go on
the choice must be made
lain to rest this day

tap tap tap tap --- flat

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Very effective last line, the

Very effective last line, the whole piece is Solemn with a pervailing sadness yet hopeful at the same time. The fun thing is the anticipation! I love not knowing what happens next! Some people don know how much of a luxury it is! Always an adventure! Excited tap tap tap to the point its flat out annoying like a pen tapper at school lol! Exciting times!

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