your wrist

so many things to share with you
at first i thought my words served to intrude

realizing now that you are different, kind and true
my fears surround me, but expeditiously depart from you

you have earned the prize, often tossed out with the refuse
only you understand how much he falls into the thorns of excuse

you are lovely in form, a spectacular figure
elegantly wrapped with an undying vigor

when your work is done and your mind is tired
selflessly you entertain my incessant call for desire

what more can i say, your soul --- the most beautiful one i know
when caught thinking of you, time is slow - for you give me hope

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"...a spectacular figure / elegantly wrapped with an undying vigor" ~ Favorite line. Very beautiful write. I'm a bit envious that you've produced this entire portfolio in a few months, and none of it lacking.

"Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future." ~Oscar Wilde
<3 M.M. Plagmann

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you have a beautiful spirit