intoxicated with the everlasting proof
you stumble over ears with most compelling truth
first one in line you told it all with the famous pride you fall
gripping pulling tugging pile of mess covered with flies
peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper lies
all in hopes to bring dramatic puzzles to the buzzards minds

help me when i'm falling, let it not be in this trap
for there are so many across this musty lake for i am the gnat

dripping with disgust of self reminds me of that foolish shelf
drenched with the hope of babylon and doped with the bottle
this mirror that i look in, often dirty with the ugly boggle

depart from me you foolish lies
how can i be my own worst enemy
trapped within this mortal body
that chameleon is certainly a fake
the color shift may prove useful during an attack
but how ugly you seem when superimposed upon that shiny glass

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such is life

makes me think of this song

this one always brings a tear to my eye...
perhaps it hinges on some distant memory

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let me be clear

that anything i write on here about love (in a physical sense) is in memory of my ex wife (who left me for another man, but still the mother of my son)----

my heart can love again but do not be confused, i am a writer -- in love with writing! the last thing i need is gossip!

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Yes this a good point you've

Yes this a good point you've raised, I get a lot of mis understanding about my work. my friends often wonder who my muse is when they read some of my poetry. they believe sometimes hurt fully that it is about them because they find something that resonates strongly within them or a quite regular situation of which anyone is a part of and take it personally, they tend to miss the mark, and the philosophy or cleverness behind the work. I love to inspire different thoughts in people but, I have noticed that some people just can't see past themselves to really appreciate the work. Gossip, that's what blah was about lol! Now your work is a wonderland of mesmerizing activity. This song is really good, I haven't heard it before. They lost me at push the button, but I can see I was too quick to cut the sugar. ;)

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