soulful confessions

loving the pain and intensity of discovery
our conditioning is brought overboard
hope in my life is but a fond memory
of the chains contretemps in the ward

in fancy and fashion sees emotion indiscreet
some divine passion in me the pontifical bourgeoisie
whilst glaringly fixated on the wounded and banded
found queering my own standard of reckoning unhanded
a thoughtfully dashing brush with song from the lips of praetus
a paillasse for rumination now expanded on thoughtful hiatus
dotted by my own glorious delusions, the protagonist of alcaeus

whilst the jury flared at the conflagration of pretentious diction
doth not prudence carry weight in my heart with impervious friction
poor in self admonition and my dichotomy's mission
please let me be forgiven

in some sunny village alone in a far away land
whilst the farmer predicts the coming of rain aforehand
with finesse i contest his prediction in vain
then the torrential rainfall, followed by the refrain
some dance in the rain whilst others abhor
like lovely confessions spake in the boudoir

Author's Notes/Comments: 

all words are valuable, each play called to turn
on my own accord, foolishness rests on my shoulders abase
often my wits are blotted out by my own absence, let me air
i think plenty of things, most of which are wrong
but the balance of powers dictate imperfection
please be reconciled to the wile of my self predilection
i respect you, despite what others may think
never did i mean to harm, i am the little ugly stray that was beaten
and when a hand was raised in love i shuddered at the thought of abuse

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Click. And it was so. This is

Click. And it was so. This is a very good write sir indeed!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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