The buildup

name of man, what have you today -' the slot of things to come I'd say

Where then would you compose the rest, to know the rest(the rest I rest)

Make me tie with many lights to many things that know the knights(or nights)

I might dismay with Mallory, Jill, and Tom Delay (where) I might know the rest

I seek to test the rest I need, fowled by the utter incompetence of their wisdom

Toned with indifference and made to suffer, coward go back to the sutter...

Homely wisdom of the fold, why don't you listen to my old - broken(wisdoms)



I have no other thing to say, but that which while I cost you may

The broken dawn of things to come, the sullen light of night's despair

With wisdom and her subtle might the powerless soul begins her flight

Covered with the glitter and gliss, the mirophone begins to hiss

She covers all her want and excuse with muttered sounds of profuse, panting

Then at the moment when she sees so clear, that mostly honest sound we hear






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I felt the suspense,panting.

I felt the suspense,panting.

Let your teeth show

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Thank you for sharing, I love

Thank you for sharing, I love the response