Random thought

Merry marks of listen lumber, lock the wheel and tow the sunder

Wash my hands of blood and rancor, wishful thoughts of soul deliver

Make my body new again, lifting my completion then -- oh then why now

Now is naught and fro is fray, but life is my command to say

I do, I do, do you do too?  I spell the name of all I could

Wash the hands no wash the eyes, clear the spell within my eyes

Winking, wanting, power trip -- of cords and callous thoughts of kids

How did they take, yes how do they -- take my life on this blue day

We grow to heights above the rest, but cower underneath the test

The home now becomes the venue, of our slotted sullen anger

Beneath the waves of understanding, I call to wisdom - notwithstanding

Make my body go away, for life has beaten me this day

I fall upon the rain swept ground, and with my fist -- I hit the ground

Cry out to all who don't exist, lift my heart and give me rest, rest for this

Please don't let me suffer long, 20 years more and I'll break the dawn

The dawn of the day I never play, I forgot the words and strings to say

Messages to the depths of time, I call to you -- do you get mine??


We carry thought within our frame, but call oh call again, again

Messy man that I become, why oh why do I turn, I turn

Repeat myself to know the rise, the rise and fall --- I so devise

Master of confusion indeed, we carefully master things we need

To make the most of what becomes, in light of life our words so numb

So numb the pain within our empty space... The space of light, within our pace

Faster, faster, round and round, I master nothing but the sound.

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you are an incredible poet, I

you are an incredible poet, I felt dizzy trying to pick my favorite lines. Amazing

Let your teeth show

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I love your response, I was

I love your response, I was trying to create movement and you spelled it out -- many thanks!