feeble fable frazin

walkin tonin tying never make my mozin mizey but all instructor tizey to the frazey in my frizey

nomin llamen subtle satiation of the title tozin placin the maker in the facin, lest my tie be wastin

on the title that i'm facin...


wastin facin never placin the ties in the wasted basin of the love inside my station know my title facin

walking tonin tying all the phonin in your hand i know your ropin the lust inside the tokin tamin trusting naming

feel my life and know my strife all instruct is all in strife trust my knife will do the justice fight of the light inside the bright

clouds and trusty strife



demons of the night, trust in all the fight --- believe in all my might and I'll rust your rustin knife of lustin bustin strife

call to the night the night the night the night inside the fight.... repain resign relive and refind all the nuts inside the guts

bolts and trusty gluts of all this cussy stuff -- -leave it at the door before you tow the lore of the land in the frame of my hand


baby got me down, feelin that blue sound of the trusty cussin buster who knows his fussin fuster fleecin flossin flows of the bozin in my tows

frame my lie in the name of my tie.... feel the tie of trust and know my title lust

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