eagle owl

share with me as i trap my tiny wings, a substantial force of nature and famous songs fill the air of the season, 

the song of an elder fellow and stern is my crux, she is a flight of an angstrom and a farthing above the rest


soft and subtle you carry a firm apparal though I walk gently upon your stately affordable answer knowing the wish you wear


great and wise owl, why do you carry a tune of the ages and critical numbers and figures that fill my mind with a divide?


I am the bluejay though the mocking is somewhere between the levers of time and temperature, the weight of my heart


soulless and divisive we are short of a command and making love with the words of the elders and children knowing their hearts


the master of a disaster wonderful and crafty though the craft is a dangerous religion for sailors and the winds free the firey breeze


the dawn of a new era and mighty with prejudice and few men who wish to change the camber of their induction


knowing what comes next I carry vexation and pride with respect for time.

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[;e [; please help me write this

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In owl bile we see where we

In owl bile we see where we have been 

and in bluejay song I know where we are going 


I like what you have written and how, love to see the word crux as it does fascinate me. Have a good night!

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