The Japanese got it wrong, they towed a mean inside the arm

in art and in the life lived by most, they titled code that did not float

it would immitate if it could afford, the cost of ford, tom, or sword

the sur charges. fees and totals, making all the mizer modals


Minimalism became a movement.  like a bowel condition improvement

Why? We always need more, united states marine core

to build and provide, take care, and divide lust is name for trust in vide (not veed)

and help. There is no solace, the cost of rain is trust for molest

in putting less water on the grass, the fast condition is the rast (like raster graphics)

no reward, no permanent solution.  Just a proof, like my solution


Full sphere services became a money - The naming cosine is the funny (light laugh of rain)

game for the recipients of the grant. - They made incantations to the rant

Graft and padding bills became  A rusty bucket in the rain

the object, not providing for the poor.  Lusty core, that jealous more

More became less and less.  Less and less became the ress (like recipe or recinded hope, title code is just a float)


Predending that there are no large, cans of lard make all the bard

numbers of people weekly added, the cans of calling make the badded (like trusty molars in your mountain, make the fountain of the once a fawn)

to the ranks of way below the poverty --- The rusty main on all the sodomy, makes the body go to hell to release the poin unto the (farrel)

designator is dangerous. The invisible anus, makes the right condition fallay like felaio or Galleleio make the Voyager your palladium

tend to jump out of nowhere when, the bucket calls to every men like dusty john and julie mode, the rusty rorn of alemode

eyes are elsewhere. An innundation of trusty buckets in your station, carry water for feed the child not the man whos in the wild

of want precluding need, again.  Make your station like my 10, 22, 16, 34 and 9 --- you must believe me when I lie, lomen


Gated communities don't see it any, mizer is the trusty infinity of the maker in the sinnical, don't berise the fennical action in your medical

more. The walls are too high. Rich, POORER POORER CRIED THE wretch of horror, give me lorem and ipsom dolar like favor color (blood and red)

ladies throw up their nose superiorly, they make me fearily trusty and glearily --- niger is a country in africa, why it soundy like feduciary

when a beggar asks for a quarter. They cut it in half and mare it to order her yummy delicious omen of kite make my sidal the day and night

used to be mostly white, now they are red and blue, look how many do they do are ovum in trusty order of tame lichen grow upon her mane

are black too, and brown. With wealth and sound advice of the trusty --- needy the musty, musty is mine and yours and thee thouest and thine (Like Palestine)

comes paranoia. Often but not, make my derison the deriliction of duty fought, makey the mought a riser in fraught conditional trusty like Mary or LOT


I will say this, if you need help,  Give me your answer, ILL will toward wealth, the pennies of the poor are the many in the core --- trusty the core and know a lot more

ask a poor person. They will be all right, to make the condition the day of the night --- the Knight is the order of honour --- trusty his sundery station of malice unfurled

in knowing what it is to need. To twirl to caress to make to trust or duress --- might is the sinnical nature of man, what watches the idol in side of his hand

be without. To need a lift. A street mighty doth meet me upon they wreath of condition like mozer fedician not a magician or wand waving fission

person knows the meaning of less.  Less is more said Nancy DURESS lifty the stain with little ammon watchy the title go round the groan


Ask a rich person and their life will compete to total the figure 8 in your neat

avarice will out and the police will doubt but the names of the folly will shout and shout upon shout they make rot in the rain (red is the game, blue is the mane)

will most be called. The japanese walled and pervasively coded the trusty cannot make the shout because their silence is your doubt

got it wrong. Less is less.  More is more when you duress, lift my stain and trust my nomen --- clature is stature of malice and omen


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