Unfinished song

I wait for time, know my enemy


I could say, I had everything

ooh I love you more, than the man


who is the buyer in your eye?


what is the title that you try?


You the time, you had the book, you had the name, you had the look

you had the vine, and the ray of the sunshine in your heart


You had a time, you found the game inside

you find a way is just a way of a man

who knows the time inside his mind?


i just erode

i knew it was a name


Ooh I had a book,


these are the names

I had the looks you had my time,


oh my time,

oh my time,

oh my time,

oh oh oh oh


Just wait here by me while I envy you

Inside you look and though I know you

You erase my only lamb from the book i have inside

And though I falter I can stride


I can only find the way if you tell me how to change

I am the taker, you are wisdom, I'm the title... and

You are the maker,  fine day, oh oh oh

Oh oh oh, You are the maker of my enemy

and I found you so true



so true....


so true....




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Freaking time. I sang it in my head. 

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