though i see the frought in the eyes of the neat

i call to the wind spirit to flee my body

incantations of life, calling the spirits to life

wishful thinking to disembody the code

the code of the mode, my love

how many times have i thrown the to the wolves

and yet i still beckon with reason

called to the hooks and traps of this world

if you knew my satiation was derivita of fract

why then would you not act, release and lament

for life is loss, if not to intent

release your spirit

and flee the fire


burning with desire


lusting for power


freeing the mind of the hour


how many hours are in the day?



yu make life as much as you pay


wish not want not have to incarnate the mirror on the wall tows the check at the bank


how then shall a man reason with his own divide, a fractal inside his heart valve that lies


the dregs of society counting cards at the bank.


71194837718 PI


28731195, how does it lie +1 never listen to this....


i walk with sumer and macedonian code, listen to my titles and I'll float the corse hairs of inclusion on yhour



Author's Notes/Comments: 

though the sound is sweet the lamb is neat

she walks though she sees

nothing to the breeze

lum li and totem

acrumen and sota

never give in

all shall fade

into obscurity

lest the falcon call

the rumen of the wall

i call to the spirits on the eastern plane

to listen to the totals COMING IN RAYN



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